A Letter to God

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January 28, 2011

A Letter to God

Dear God,

We haven’t seen your son, Jesus, in two thousand years. Your first prophet, Moses, left us an additional few thousands years ago. Your latest prophet, Muhammad, was last seen over a millennium ago.
Sure, you probably do billions of tiny miracles each day, such as babies, helping lives, saving souls, etc, but what have you done for all of humanity lately? Do you think that we mere mortals can take care of ourselves? Just look at how we are destroying the planet. We obviously need some direct divine intervention in the near future in order to divert a global environmental catastrophe
We have been killing each other in your name for as long as recorded history and probably even longer. Don’t we at least deserve some recognition? How about sending down another messenger, but this time he or she could truly and peacefully unify all the world’s religions, so we can stop killing each other? Maybe if you directly interact with humanity more often, this could help too.
Furthermore, we are using our intelligence (that you gave us) to create a new fangled innovation that we are calling science. This science has pretty much scientifically proven evolution and that you do not exist. We definitely could use proof that you exist, so we do not lose more followers to atheism. Oh yes, this proof needs to be able to withstand scientific scrutiny for all of time too, because blind faith is no longer logical with science and reason.
It is your responsibility as the parent of humanity to ensure our well being. At least until we are well grown up and we are able to take care of ourselves, otherwise what type of parent would you be?
If you do not, faith in you could be damned. Humanity could be damned too.

Sincerely yours,

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